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  • How does the Tiny Tot Kwon Do program work?
    The Tiny Tot Program works separately to the rest of the club. The children have their own belt system, they progress from yellow through, blue red then a black belt. At which time they graduate to the Grasshoppers Class.
  • Will Taekwondo help my child improve focus and attention?
    Yes, ilyo runs a program designed to inspire students to try their best. Attention and focus in class is essential and the student soon learns these skills.
  • Will taekwondo help with co-ordination and body awareness?
    Yes, taekwondo is fantastic for learning these skills.
  • I'm unfit, may I still join ilyo?"
    Yes! ilyo taekwondo is catered to all ages and levels of fitness.
  • Will I learn self defence and how to deal with bullying?
    Yes, ilyo teaches self defence, situation awareness, recognising anger and ways to avoid confrontation.
  • May I join the Sparring Club as a beginner grasshopper?
    You may join as soon as you have the required basic skills, usually this is when you acheive your yellow belt.
  • What happens when I finish the Grasshoppers 10 week program?
    You are now welcome to do a ilyo tkd grading to earn your Yellow belt. From here you start training for your graduation to the Vipers advanced yellow belt class. This can occur at any time when you have aquired the neccassary skills to train at a harder level.
  • How long does it take to become a blackbelt?
    Tkd is not a race but a life practice. But if you have very strong commitment and focus, you could acheive blackbelt in 5 years. But everyone trains at their own pace, you may take 15 years or never acheive it and thats ok too. We just ask that you try your hardest and be the best person you can be.
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